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  List of Publications

                      (In reputed International Journals)

In the year – 1995

  1. L.Rajendran and M.V.Sangaranarayanan, A two point Padé approximation for the non-steady state chonoamperometric current at ultramicrodisc electrodes. Journal of Elecroanalytical Chemistry, 392 (1995) 75-78.

In the year – 1996

  1. L.Rajendran and M.V.Sangaranarayanan, Steady state chronoamperometric current at   ultarmicrodisc electrodes. J.Electrochem Soc.India, 45(3) (1996) 135-140.

In the year – 1997

  1. L.Rajendran and M.V.Sangaranarayanan, Diffusion at ultramicroelectrodes: Chronoamperometric current response using Padé approximation, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 101 (1997) 4583-4587.

In the year – 1998

  1. L.Rajendran and R.Nallasamy , Chronoamperometric current at ultramicroelectrodes: Padé  approximation for a reversible electron transfer scheme. Electroanalysis, 10(7) (1998) 506-511.

In the year – 1999

  1. L.Rajendran  and M.V.Sangaranarayanan, Diffusion at ultramicrodisc electrodes: chronoamperic current for steady state EC’ reaction using scattering analog techniques. Journal of Physical Chemistry. B, 103 (1999) 1518-1524.

In the year – 2000

  1.  L.Rajendran, Padé approximation for ECE and DISP processes at channel electrodes.Electrochemistry Communication, 2 (2000) 186-189.
  2. L.Rajendran and M.V.Sangaranarayanan, Chronoamperometric current at    ultamicro     spheriodal electrodes for steady state Ec’ reaction-A two-point Padé  approximate, Indian    Journal of Chemistry.Sec A, 39A (2000) 356-363, (special issue).
  3.  L.Rajendran, Analysis of non-steady state current at hemispheroidal ultramicroelectrodes, Electrochemistry Communication, 2 (2000) 531-534.
  4. L.Rajendran, Padé approximation of EC’ processes at channel electrodes. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 487 (2000) 72-74. 
  5.  L.Rajendran, Modelling of reaction-diffusion processes: the theory of catalytic electrode Processes at hemispheroidal ultramicroelectrodes. Electrochemistry Communication, 2 (2000) 679-684.

In the year – 2001

  1. L.Rajendran, and S.P,Ananthi, Transient Chronoamperometric current response at hemispheroidal ultramicroelectrodes, Journal of Electroanalytical  Chemistry, 501 (2001) 210-214.

In the year – 2002

  1. L.Rajendran and S.P.Ananthi , Modelling of reaction – diffusion processes: part(ii) the theory of catalytic electrode Processes at hemi oblate and prolate ultramicroelectrodes. Electrochemistry Communication, 4 (2002) 72-75.

In the year – 2003

  1. L.Rajendran  A.Subbiah, and T.Vasudevan , A Two-point  Padé approximation  for mass-transfer rate at rotating disc electrode. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 547 (2003) 173-177. 

In the year – 2004

  1. L.Rajendran and S.P.Aananthi  Analysis of positive feedback currents at scanning electrochemical microscope. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 561 (2004) 113-118.
  2.  K.Ludwig  L.Rajendran and B.Speiser,Echem++- An object oriented problem solving   environment for electrochemistry. Part I.A C++ class collection for electrochemical    excitation function. Journal of Electroanalytical  Chemistry, 568 (2004) 203-214. 

In the year – 2006

  1. L.Rajendran, Analytical solution for the steady state  Chronoamperometric current for an EC’ reaction at spheroidal ultramicroelectrodes. Journal  of  Theoretical and Computational  Chemistry,  5(1) (2006) 11-24.
  2. L.Rajendran, Microring Electrode : Transient and steady- state chronoamperometric current for first order Ec’reactions, Electrochimica Acta, 51 (2006) 4439-4446.
  3. L.Rajendran, A two point Padé approximation of mass transfer rate at microdisc electrodes in a channel flow for all peclet numbers. Electrochimical Acta, 51 (2006) 5407-5411.
  4.  C. Ahmed Basha, L. Rajendran. Theories of ultramicrodisc electrodes : Review article, International Journal of Electrochemical Science, 1 (2006) 268-282.
  5.  A.Rajasekar, L.Rajendran, S.Maruthamuthu, N.Palaniswamy and A.Rajendran ,     Prediction of corrosion rate of steel AP5LX using curve fitting method, Materials Protection, (2006) 47-50. 

In the year – 2007

  1. L.Rajendran,G.Rahamathunissa and C.Ahmed Basha, Modelling of reaction – diffusion processes:  The theory of catalytic  electrode Processes at cylindrical ultramicroelectrodes. Journal  of  Theoretical and Computational  Chemistry, 6(2) (2007) 301-307. 
  2. L.Rajendran,G.Rahamathunissa and C.Ahmed Basha, Theories of diffusion at a microring electrodes: A Review , Journal  of  Theoretical and Computational  Chemistry, 6(4) (2007) 697-713. 
  3.  L.Rajendran ,R. Senthamarai, N.Palaniappan,  Analytical expression of current-time behaviour in rapid flash photolytic processes at a planar electrode.  Physical chemistry: An Indian Journal, 2(3) (2007) 202-206.

In the year – 2008

  1. L.Rajendran,G.Rahamathunissa, Modelling of  non-linear reaction – diffusion processes of amperometric polymer-modified electrode , Journal  of  Theoretical and Computational  Chemistry 7(1) (2008) 113-138.
  2.   R. Senthamarai, L. Rajendran, A comparison of diffusion limited current at microelectrodes of various geometries for EC’ reaction. Electrochimical Acta 53 (2008) 3566-3578.
  3.  R. Senthamarai, L. Rajendran, A comparison of diffusion limited current at microelectrodes  of various geometries for E’ reaction , Journal  of  Theoretical and Computational  Chemistry 7 (2)(2008) 205-219.
  4.  L. Rajendran,  G.Rahamathunissa, The Application of He’s variational iteration method to nonlinear boundary value problems in enzyme-substrate reaction diffusion processes : Part 1.The steady-state amperometric response, Journal of Mathematical Chemistry 44 (2008) 849-861.
  5. R. Senthamarai, L. Rajendran, Analytical expression of transient chronometric current at ultramicroband electrode, Russian Journal of Electrochemistry  44(10) (2008) 1156-1161.

In the year – 2009

  1. R. Senthamarai, L. Rajendran, Traveling wave solution of non-linear coupled reaction diffusion equation arising in Mathematical chemistry Journal of Mathematical Chemistry, 46 (2009) 550-561. 

In the year – 2010

  1. A. Meena, A. Eswari, L. Rajendran, Mathematical modelling of enzyme kinetics reaction mechanisms and analytical solutions of non-linear reaction equations, Journal of Mathematical Chemistry , 48 (2010) 179-186.
  2. R. Senthamarai and L. Rajendran , System of coupled non-linear reaction diffusion processes at  conducting polymer ultramicroelectrodes, Electrochimica Acta, 55 (2010) 3223-3235. 
  3. A. Eswari, L. Rajendran, Analytical soution of steady-state current at a microdisk biosensors, Journal of Electroanalytical  Chemistry,  641 (2010) 35-44.
  4. P. Manimozhi, A. Subbiah, L. Rajendran, Solution of steady-state substrate concentration in the action of biosensor response at mixed enzyme kinetics, Sensors and Actuators B, 147 (2010) 290-297. 
   34. S. Loghambal,  L. Rajendran,   Mathematical   modeling  of 
          diffusion  and   kinetics   of    amperometric    immobilized    
          enzyme   electrodes,  Electrochimica Acta, 55 (2010) 5230-
   35. A. Meena, L. Rajendran, Mathematical  modeling of
         amperometric  and  potentiometric  biosensors  and  system  of 
         non-linear quations- Homotopy  perturbation  approach,  Journal 
          of  Electroanalytical  Chemistry, 644 (2010) 50-59. 
   36. S.Anitha,   A.Subbiah,   L.Rajendran,   Ashok   Kumar, 
         Solutions of the coupled reaction and  diffusion equations  within 
          polymer  modified    ultramicroelectrodes,  Journal   of   
          Physical   Chemistry  A,  114  (2010) 7030-7037. 
   37. P.Manimozhi, L.Rajendran , Derivation of non steady-state 
         analytical  solution   for  surface  enzymatic   kinetics   reaction   
         for  biopolymer  microarrays, Journal of  Electroanalytical  
         Chemistry, 647 (2010)  87–92. 
  38. A. Eswari, L. Rajendran,  Application of variational iteration 
        method and   electron   transfer   mediator/catalyst    composites   
        in  modified electrodes, Natural  Science, 2(6) (2010) 612-625. 
  39. A. Eswari, L. Rajendran,  Analytical solution of steady state  
        current  an    enzyme    modified    microcylinder    electrodes ,   
        Journal  of Electroanalytical   Chemistry,  648   (2010) 36-46. 
   40. S. Loghambal, L. Rajendran,   Analysis  of   Amperometric  
          Enzyme electrodes in the homogeneous mediated mechanism 
          using Variational iteration  method,  Int.  J.  Electrochem. Sci.,  
          5  (2010)   327-343.
   41. A. Meena, L. Rajendran, Analytical  solution  of  system  of  
         coupled  non - linear  reaction   diffusion   equations  Part I:  
         Mediated  electron transfer  at   conducting  polymer   
         ultramicroelectrodes,   Journal  of Electroanalytical 
         Chemistry,  647 (2010)  103–116.
   42. A. Meena,  L. Rajendran,  Analysis  of  pH - Based 
         Potentiometric Biosensor    using   Homotopy   perturbation    
         method, Chemical Engineering  &  Technology, 33(2010) 1-10.
   43. A. Meena, L. Rajendran, Analytical solution of system of 
         coupled non-linear  reaction diffusion  equations,   Part II:   Direct  
          reaction  of   substrate    at    underlying    microdisc   surface,    
          Journal  of  Electroanalytical Chemistry, 650 (2010) 143–151.
  44. V. Margret, L. Rajendran, Analytical expression of non steady-
        state  concentration profiles at planar electrode for the CE 
        mechanism,  Natural Science, 2(11) (2010) 1318-1325.
 45. V. Ananthaswamy, A.Eswari, L.Rajendran, Analytical
         solution of  system of non-linear  reaction-diffusion equations
         in a thin  membrane: Homotopy  perturbation approach,      
        Journal of  physical chemistry  an Indian journal, 5(2) 2010
In the year – 2011
  46.  A. Eswari,    L. Rajendran,    Mathematical    Modeling    of     
        Cyclic  voltammetry for EC reaction, Russian Journal of  
         Electrochemistry,  47(2) (2011) 181-190. 
  47. A. Eswari,   L. Rajendran,     Mathematical    Modeling    of    
        Cyclic voltammetry for EC reaction, Russian Journal of  
        Electrochemistry,  47(2) (2011) 191-199.
  48. A. Meena, L. Rajendran, Analytical  solution  of  nonlinear  
        diffusion  processes    in     modified     electrode,      Russian    

        Journal   of  Electrochemistry, 47(2) (2011) 147-155. 
  49. G. Varadharajan,   L. Rajendran,    Analytical   solution  of    
       the   concentration and current in the electroenzymatic
       processes  involved  in a PPO-rotating- disk-bioelectrode,          
       Natural Science, 3 (1) (2011) 1-8  
  50. A. Eswari,  L. Rajendran,  Analytical expressions  of 
         concentration  and   current   in  homogeneous    catalytic    
         reactions    at   spherical  microelectrodes :   Homotopy   
         Perturbation   approach, Journal  of  Electroanalytical
         Chemistry, 651  (2011)  173-184.
  51. G.Rahamathunissa, P.Manisankar, L.Rajendran,  G.Venugopal,  

        Modeling of nonlinear boundary value problems in enzyme- 

        catalyzed reaction diffusion processes, Journal of

        Mathematical Chemistry, 
49 (2011) 457-474.  
   52. S. Loghambal, L. Rajendran, Mathematical modeling in 
        amperometric oxidase enzyme-membrane electrodes, Journal
        of   Membrane Science, 373 (2011) 20-28.
   53. S. Loghambal, L. Rajendran, Mathematical modeling of a 
         Tubular  Spectrochemical Cell using the finite Hankel 
         transformation, Russian  Journal  of  ElectroChemistry,
         47(8)  (2011) 883-889. 
   54. S. Usha, A. Eswari, L. Rajendran, Approximate solution of 
         nonlinear reaction diffusion equations in homogenous process 
         coupled to electrode reactions for CE mechanism at a  
         spherical  electrode, American Journal of Analytical
         Chemistry, 2  (2011) 93-103. 
  55. Anitha Shanmugarajan, Subbiah Alwarappan, Subramaniam 
        Somasundaram, Rajendran  L, Analytical solution of 
        amperometric enzymatic reactions based on Homotopy 
        perturbation  method, Electrochimica Acta, 56 (2011) 3345–
   56. K. Venugopal, L. Rajendran, Application of two point pade 
         approximation in boundary value problems, Global Journal
         of  Mathematical Science:Theory&Practical, 30(1) (2011)
   57. S. Thiagarajan, A. Meena, L. Rajendran, Approximate
        solution of  non-steady concentration and current at a     
        hemispherical  microelectrode-Homotopy perturbation             
        approach, Journal of  physical chemistry an Indian journal,
        6(2) (2011)  96-104. 
   58. Anitha Shanmugarajan, Subbiah Alwarappan , Rajendran  
, Analytical Expression of Non-Steady-State 
        Concentrations and Current Pertaining to Compounds Present              
        in  the  Enzyme Membrane of Biosensor J.Phys.Chem.A., 
   59. C. Thanga Pandi, L. Rajendran, Analytical Solution of Non-
         Linear  Differential Equation in Oscillatory Chemical  
        Reactions.  Global  Journal of Theoretical and Applied
        Mathematics  Sciences, 1(1) (2011) 61-69.
   60. Alagu Eswari, Seetharaman Usha, Lakshmanan Rajendran
         Approximate Solution of Non-linear Reaction Diffusion 
         Equations in Homogeneous Processes Coupled to Electrode 
         Reactions for CE  Mechanism at a Spherical Electrode. 
         American Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 2(2011)93-103.
    61. K. Indira, L. Rajendran, Analytical expression of the 
          concentration of  substrates and product in phenol–
        polyphenol  oxidase system immobilized in Laponite®
        hydrogels.Michaelis– Menten formalism in  homogeneous
        medium.Electrochimica  Acta, 56 (2011) 6411-6419.
    62. S. Thiagarajan · A. Meena · S. Anitha, L. Rajendran
          Analytical  expression of the steady-state catalytic current of
          mediated  bioelectrocatalysis and the application of He’s  
          Homotopy  perturbation   method,J Math Chem. 6(2) 2011
   63. M. Uma Maheswari , L. Rajendran, Analytical solution of non-
         linear  enzyme reaction equations arising in mathematical 
         chemistry,J Math Chem. (2011) 49:1713–1726
  64. Govindhan Varadharajan, Lakshmanan Rajendran, Analytical 
        solution of coupled non-linear second order reaction differential 
        equations in enzyme kinetics,Natural Science.( 2011),3(6) 459-

   65. A.Meena, A.Eswari, L. Rajendran, Mathematical Modeling of
        Biosensors: Enzyme-substrate Interaction and  Biomolecular
        Interaction, In: Pier Andrea Serra, Ed.,  New Perspectives in    
        Biosensors Technology and Applications , In tech, Croatia, 
        (2011) 215-228.  
  66. Rathinasamy Angel Joy, Athimoolam Meena, Shunmugham
        Loghambal, Lakshmanan Rajendran, A two-parameter
        mathematical model for immobilized enzymes and Homotopy 
        analysis method, Natural Science, 3(7) (2011) 556-565. 
  67. S. Loghambal, L. Rajendran, Analytical expressions of 
        concentration  of nitrate pertaining to the electrocatalytic 
       reduction of nitrate ion, J. Electroanal. Chem., 661
  68. A. Eswari, L. Rajendran Analytical expressions pertaining to the 
        concentration of catechol, -quinone and current at PPO-modified
        microcylinder biosensor for diffusion-kinetic model, J. 
         Electroanal.   Chem., 660 (2011) 200-208. 
  69. K.Venugopal, A. Eswari, L. Rajendran,  Mathematical Model 
        For Steady State Current At PPO -Modified Micro-Cylinder 
        Biosensors, Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering, 4 
        (2011) 631-641
  70. V. Margret Ponrani, S. Loghambal, L. Rajendran, Approximate 
        solution of coupled system of transient reaction diffusion equation 
        for complexes of arbitrary lability, Global Journal of 
        Mathematical Science : Theory and practical,3(5) (2011) 405-
  71. M.Uma Maheswari, L. Rajendran, Analytical solution of non-
        linear reaction diffusion equations in an amperometric 
        immobilized enzyme electrode, Journal of physical chemistry  
        an Indian journal, 6(4) (2011) 1-9. 
  72. A. Meena, L. Rajendran, New approximate analytical 
       expressions for transient concentration profiles and current 
       pertaining to a homogeneous chemical reaction at hemispherical 
       microelectrodes, J. Phys.Chem. A. 115(40)(2011) 10950-10961. 
 73. G. Varadharajan, L. Rajendran, Analytical Solutions of System

       of Non-Linear Differential Equations in the Single-Enzyme,

       Single-Substrate Reaction with Non-Mechanism-Based Enzyme 
       Inactivation,  Applied Mathematics,  2 (2011) 1140-1147. 
 74. Vincent Michael Raj Margret Pon Rani, Lakshmanan Rajendran,
       Raju Eswaran, Analytical Expression of the Substrate 
       Concentration in Different Part of Particles with Immobilized 
       Enzyme and Substrate Inhibition Kinetics, Anal. Bioanal. 
        Electrochem., 3(5) (2011) 507 - 520. 
 75. S. Sevukaperumal, A. Eswari, L. Rajendran, Analytical 
      expression pertaining to concentration of  substrate and 
      effectiveness factor for immobilized enzymes with reversible 
      Michaelis-Menten kinetics, Int. J. Comput. Appls., (0975-8887), 
      vol. 33-No.3 (2011) 46-53.
 76. K. Saravanakumar, L. Rajendran, Analytical solution of the 
      concentration of substrate and effectiveness factor for

      acetophenone in packed bed reactor, International Journal of

      Mathematical Archive, 2(11) (2011) 2347-2357.
 77. T. Praveen, L. Rajendran, Mathematical model for multi-phase 
      microchannel bioreactors, International Journal of 
     Mathematical Archive, 2(11) (2011) 2270-2280. 
 78. G. Varadharajan, L. Rajendran, Analytical expression for 
        methanol  concentration within a biofilm phase of a biofilter bed 
       under steady state condition, International Journal 
       of Mathematical Archive, 2(11) (2011) 2389-2402. 
 79. C. Thanga Pandi, L. Rajendran, Initial non-linear boundary value 
      in enzyme-substrate  reaction processes - Homotopy perturbation 
      approach, International Journal of Mathematical Archive, 2(11) 
      (2011) 2308-2313. 
In the year – 2012
 80V. Ananthaswamy, L. Rajendran, Approximate Analytical

      Solution of Non-Linear Kinetic Equation in a  Porous Pellet, Global

      Journal of Pure and Applied MathematicsVolume 8, Number 2

      (2012), pp.101-111.
 81. S. Muthukaruppan, A. Eswari, L. Rajendran, Analytical solution

       of the concentration in a packed-bed immobilized enzyme reactor 
       using Homotopy perturbation method, Global Journal of 
       Theoretical and Applied Mathematics Sciences, vol. 2, No.1 
        (2012) 27-39.  
 82. K. Indira, L. Rajendran, Analytical expression of non steady-

      state concentration for the CE mechanism at a planar electrode,

      Journal of  Mathematical Chemistry 50 (2012) 1277-1288. 
 83. V. Margret PonRani, L. Rajendran, Mathematical modelling of 
       steady-state concentration in immobilized glucose isomerase of 
       packed-bed reactors, Journal of Mathematical Chemistry, 50 
       (2012) 1333-1346. 
 84. K. Indira, L. Rajendran, Analytical Expressions Pertaining to the 
     Concentration of  Substrates and Product in Phenol-Polyphenol 
     Oxidase System Immobilized in Laponite®  Hydrogels: A    
     Reciprocal     Competitive Inhibition Process, Advances in
     Physical Chemistry ,  2012, Article ID 212818, 11 pages.
 85. S. Muthukumar, L. Rajendran, Concentration of Species in Two 
      Species Oscillator using Homotophy Peturbation Method, Global 
      J. of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics Sciences Vol.
      2, Number 2 (2012), pp. 99-108  
 86. S. Anitha, A. Subbiah, L. Rajendran, Approximate Analytical 
      Solution of Nonlinear Reaction’s Diffusion Equation at 
      Conducting Polymer Ultramicroelectrodes, ISRN Physical
      Chemistry,Volume 2012, Article  ID 745616,12 pages. 
 87. S. Sevukaperumal, S. Loghambal, L. Rajendran, Analytical 
      Expressions  of Concentrations inside the Cationic Glucose-
      Sensitive Membrane, Applied Mathematics, 2012, 3, 373-381
 88. K. Venugopal, A. Meena, L. Rajendran, Approximate Analytical
      Solutions for EC and ECE Process with Fast Chemical Reactions at
      Hemispherical Electrodes, International Journal of 
      Computational and Applied Mathematics, Volume 7, Number 3 
      (2012), pp. 339-350  
 89. C. Thanga Pandi, L. Rajendran, Theoretical Analysis of 
      Concentration of Oxygen in Aerobic Granule-Based 
      Reactors, Global Journal of Theoretical and Applied 
      Mathematics Sciences, 2 (2012), 109-120 
 90. S.P. Ananthi, A. Meena, L.Rajendran, N. Ramaraj, Theoretical

     and Numerical  Analysis  of  Electro  catalytic Processes  at  
     Conducting  Polymer Modified Electrodes,   International  
     Journal  of  Computer Applications, 4(8) (2012), 11-18. 
 91. A. Eswari, L. Rajendran,  Approximate  analytical  solution  of

      the concentration of phenol and oxygen and rate of phenol

      degradation in fluidized bed bioreactor, Biochemical Engineering

, 68 (2012) 42– 53.  
 92.S. Usha, S. Anitha, L. Rajendran, Approximate analytical solution

    of Non-linear Reaction diffusion  equation in fluidized bed

    biofilmreactor,Natural Science, 4 (12) , 2012, 983-991.

 93. Anitha Shanmugarajan, Rajendran Lakshmanan, A Theoretical

     Model for an Immobilized Oxidase  Enzyme Electrode in the

     Presence of Two Oxidants, J. of Modern  Mathematics  Frontier

   1( 4), 2012, 46-56.

 94.Anandan Anitha, Shunmugham Loghambal, L. Rajendran,

Analytical Expressions for Steady-State Concentrations of

     Substrate  and Product in an  amperometric  biosensor   with the

     Substrate Inhibition—The Adomian Decomposition method,

     American  Journal of Analytical Chemistry , 2012, 3, 495-502.

 95.Seetharaman Usha, VairamaniAbinaya, ShunmughamLoghambal,

     Lakshmanan Rajendran, Non-Linear  Mathematical Model of the

     Interaction between Tumor and on colytic Viruses, Applied

     Mathematics, 2012, 3, 1089-1096. 

 96.Subramaniam Muthukaruppan, Indira Krishnaperumal,  Rajendran

, Theoretical  analysis of Mass Transfer with Chemical

    Reaction  using Absorption of Carbon Dioxide into  Phenyl Glycidyl

     Ether Solution, Applied  Mathematics , 2012, 3, 1179-1186. 

 97.M. K. Sivasankari& L. Rajendran, mathematical modeling of

     amperometric Enzyme electrodes in the homogeneous mediated

     mechanism using Homotopy perturbation method, International

     Journal of mathematical Archive
-3(3), 2012, Page: 1172-1186. 

 98. M. K. Sivasankari& L. Rajendran, Analytical expressions of

      steady-state concentrations of species in potentiometric and

      amperometric biosensor , Natural science, Vol. 4, No. 12, (2012)


 99. L. Rajendran & L. K. Bieniasz, Analytical Expressions for the

       Steady-State Concentrations of Glucose, Oxygen and Gluconic

      Acid in a Composite Membrane for Closed-Loop Insulin Delivery,

      The  Journal of Membrane Biology, 246(2), 2012, 121-129, DOI

 100. V. Ananthaswamy & L. Rajendran*, Analytical Solution Of 
        Two-Point   Non-Linear Boundary Value Problems In Porous

        Catalyst Particles, International Journal of Mathematical
,2012,3(3), 810-821.

 101. V. Ananthaswamy,  L.  Rajendran, Analytical Solutions of Some

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